Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination-9

Before I go further I felt I should go back to my school days and my years in college.The little details that still lingers in my mind. After my stint at kendriyavidhyalayaIIT ,I moved on to St Patrick's high school Gandhi Nagar in the banks of adyar river . It was an Anglo indian high school ,the place that moulded my sporting talents .I loved playing foot ball ,basket ball ,volley ball, cricket and hockey.It would sound like i was jack of all trades and master of none, but I sure was an exception playing well in all of them specialising in foot ball and winning the interschool championship was a feather in my cap.
I remember my friends Erol Sullivan, Barnett, Neslin Prim, Fuller, Govindaraj, Saleem ,Balaji, Farook to name a few , I still remember the knockout punch of Barnett in the school boxing match which I would say encouraged me to pursue body building. I should thank Barnett for being the reason for me to stay fit even today.

Those were such wonderful days.Oops! I missed to narrate being selected to represent our state at the Republic day parade as an air wing cadet from the school in 1970 , it sure was a proud moment walking along with the armed forces of our country at New Delhi.St Patrick's high school brings back wonderful memories and leaving the friends behind was sure painful and the pain receded the moment i heard that I got a seat in Loyola for my pre-university, the prestigious college, new friends travelling by train from saidapet to Nungambakkam was an experience that I love to share .Did I attend my classes ???did I study well???? a big question.

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