Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination -11

My days in Loyola, I wouldn't say was very eventful though the exposure of freedom and not being watched or reported gave a sense of liberation from school days. The unfortunate exit from Loyola at the very end of closure of admissions sent me on to a panic mode, I went from pillar to post jumping in and out of colleges for admission and finally the New college gave me the asylum that I wanted.I would say admitting me to take up B.Sc Mathematics, a subject many students dread and mine was complicated as my ancillaries were all maths with mathematical statistics astronomy ,the subjects which i had absolutely no knowledge .
It was here when I met my friend Sunderesan who continues to be my friend and is currently the treasurer of my political party and I met as I had already mentioned in my earlier writing that I was attracted to a well dressed and immaculately attractive girl.My initial days in New college, I would say was mostly outside college than inside. I had taken you along that journey of my life. All these and more events still bring back memories.Memories that I cherish in silence.
It was in the second year of college that I got interested in my studies as fear gripped me as to what my life would be once I am out of this institution into a highly competitive world, a world full of challenges, the realization hit me hard and I got my acts together to study hard to receive my mathematics degree, the knowledge of which or the very application of the qualification had no value in my pursuit of my economic development.Once again confusion and pain gripped me and my future looked bleak.

Did I make the right decision, if I did ,did I progress in the right direction , anxious as you are I am ready to write soon........

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