Thursday, 4 August 2016

Unknown Destination - 14

You may all wonder why five months have gone by without me continuing to write the journey of my life. I am not willing to start by saying that time did not permit me and I was involved in various activities which occupied my time, Well the truth is that I did not make time to accommodate time to continue where I left off and I have realized that henceforth there should be no cessation or even a pause to take you to the end of my ,no to the end of the Unknown Destination.
I am eager to share, to kindle your curiosity to know more about how I moved forward in my life after my education and my first job as a newspaper delivery boy. I would say the days in bangalore, working in the early morning cold weather, way back in 1977,the year that I started working are still etched in my memories and can never be erased from my mind. You have to enjoy and love whatever you are doing, goes the saying , well I did that , I was a workaholic and the fire within me to achieve greater heights was pushing me to my limits.From a delivery boy to a reporter and then a marketing person selling space for the newspaper that I was working for gave me a larger scope to interact with people from different walks of life .
This gave me the experience and exposure which I would say chiseled me to be a complete grown up man. Starting my days at I think it was " Rubin House"near commercial street spending my evenings walking the streets of bangalore the then most visited brigades and commercial street was the only pass time and the new found friends more specifically vinny and myself both health conscious exercise freaks were always together and he a hard working chap working at honey well coolers. The days went by my friendship circle grew and the spare time that was available to me I joined my friends prem hariram and surya Prakash nagpal assisting them in selling cycles.
The now famous hero cycles was the cycle that I was selling in my friends shop and when Om Prakash and the owners of hero cycles introduced hero mopeds I was handling sales. Little did I know that the Munjals that I met in the year 1977 would grow in stature in business and hero would become one of the top most motorcycle manufacturers in the country . I would like to make a visit to their factory someday to share the experiences selling their very first product "the hero mopeds"
My experiences and hard work introduced me to the real estate markets and my financial strength helped me to speculate in the first ever flat promotion company the Southern Investment property development. How did I fare in the business and what did I achieve from there on, you definitely have to wait for a couple of days, I assure you this time that I will be back in a week sharing more .................

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