Tuesday, 2 August 2016

unknown destination -4

Well I understand your anxiousness to know what Sylvia told me, nothing exciting as all of you would have expected she was a little amused and i could clearly see that she was little confused too, regaining herself she said why not and allowed me to ride her cycle, the cycle exchange programme blossomed into a friendship , a strange friendship in the initial few weeks it was an hide and seek game during the lunch break . She would drop a crushed paper for me to pick up and move away and as I picked up the paper it would have drawings of a place in the school compound and I had to find the place and when I did there would be another paper guiding me and it was like a treasure hunt and we would end up in the class room without meeting and smile at each other.
When I think of the way our relationship bloomed it seems funny but the very thought brings a smile in my face. Thus started my relationship and we became close going for rides after school and talking to each other parking our cycles under the abundant trees and little did I realise that we were becoming close friends when one fine day Sylvia's dad spotted us chatting near a bus stand and brought an abrupt end to our relationship. I was neither sad nor heartbroken as my first infatuation as I call it now came to an end. Sylvia returned to germany not without giving me a letter that she would be in touch which she did for a couple of months and then the letters stopped. That is when I felt the first pang of missing someone. Well I moved on and I am sure Sylvia woukd also be thinking the beautiful innocent friendship that we shared.
My concentration shifted to my studies and my sporting activities and as sanskrit was difficult I left IIT and moved on to St Patrick's high school Gandhi Nagar adyar and completed my high school examination and came out with flying colours making my teachers and my parents proud not without school pranks fun and punishments.Those were great memories which I still cherish in my life from the teachers to friends brother Francis, friends in Sullivan, Barnett, Salim and many more. I learnt the art of balancing education sports relationships respect and started learning the values of life as I moved on to join one of the best institutions in Madras the "Loyola College" the fun excitement total freedom from the supervision of parents. How did I use that freedom ??????????

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