Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown destination-2

The very thought of narrating and sharing my journey so far and ahead of me is not without a purpose, it has experiences of my life , situations that we faced as a small family and the responsibilities that my dad shouldered to give us his best.
Starting his career as a news reader in All India Radio Delhi and known to the listener's world as "
செய்திகள் வாசிப்பது ராமநாதன்" ( news read by Ramanathan) in the biting winter cold and the sweltering heat of summer, was clear that my brother my sister and me should be educated well and learn moral values and respect our elders.
I remember the day when my dad was transfered to Chennai flowers were strewn on our taxi and the people in the entire colony gave a tearful send off , for that was the respect that my dad had earned among our neighborhood. I vaguely remember the train journey and the tunnels that we had to cross during our travel to Chennai. My dad furthered his career at the Press Information Bureau chennai and we furthered our studies at the Raja Muthaiah School near Rajah Anna malai Puram, later move to central school IIT and as sanskrit was difficult to understand moved on to St Patrick's high school adyar where I finished my schooling.
My abilities in sports and games elevated my respect in school and I had the pride of being the school pupil leader and during which time was selected to participate in the Republic day parade at Delhi in the year 1970. My days in school were memorable and eventful in its own way, I would say exciting things happened and my transformation from a boy to my adulthood had its own awakenings of life ahead.........

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