Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown destination-1

It sure has been an eventful year and a year which has kept me on the move. Sometimes when I sit back and think about the years that have gone by and the lives travel to the unknown destination at times confuses me and at times takes me on a wild adventure of imaginations.
I wonder why this existence? why this creation ? what is the purpose? what am I doing? I am sure many of us know not the answers and still move along the unknown path and destination.
In this travel though unknown we have likes, dislikes, hate love success failures birth and death. Does all this convey something .. I have been wondering finding reasons and frankly I have no answers.
Then why are we here or should I say why have we been placed here on a place called earth which revolves around the sun and we see daylight and darkness not knowing the reasons ( offcourse we do know why night and why day).
Born on July 14th 1954 I have seen life from rags to riches , success and failures sorrows and joy all in equal measures. What is that I wanted to be ,did I have an ambition, am I going towards it, for all these questions I have found some answers and the answers which I love to share with all of you , my travel so far , from Delhi the place of my birth to where I am today .

Good night friends , a transparent open narration of my life so far.....

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