Saturday, 13 August 2016

Unknown Destination - 15

I do not know whether it is my eagerness to narrate earlier than I promised or the telepathy of all of you asking me to continue, here I am starting where I left off on my attempt on a new venture,speculation on buying and selling flats. Before I go any further as to the progress or my achievements or debacles in that endeavour I thought of taking you all back to the college days, yes my days at new college where I completed and graduated my educational pursuit.
Well many have wanted to know about my health routines and how I keep fit to this day. It is no secret , conscious effort and understanding of your own being in this universe, the purpose that you have been placed in this beautiful place called earth, where you exist, it is not without a reason and the reason is to live well and to live well you have to be healthy and that was the reason of me taking care of my existence which depended on good health and that thought was deeply etched in my programmed brain by my dad. I thank him for instilling in me the value of good living and health .
It was this my friends that pushed me to taking care of myself and exercising became a part of my life and habit. It was sports and games in school, foot ball in particular where fitness was tested and during college more concentration on looking good, may be the the changes that were taking place in me and different attractions added urged me to look better than my friends.
It was no easy task I worked out at the Kannan's Gym at the Gandhi nagar club adyar almost 2 hours in the morning and three hours in the evening with I would say primitive equipments compared to the modern and latest equipments of today. Dedication, effort and hard work payed when I was adjudged "Mr Madras University" and there was no looking back from that day to this date as exercise has been my major habit . This I wanted to share with all of you specifically because your visions and ambitions can only be achieved with good health and good health leads to a healthy mind.
Now getting back to the bangalore days and my new business endeavour , well meeting Subash Chandra balan at southern investments was the starting point which gave me the initial taste to investment and economic growth. My prime job in the newspaper continued and this new avenue fetched me enough and more to buy my first car a Fiat which remains as my initial enhancement to prosperity though it was materialistic in nature.
Was that venture sailing smooth or was it rough and if it wasn't sailing well what could have gone wrong? Did something go wrong? Will be back with you all sooner than you expect........

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