Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination - 6

First love , I know the curiosity that all of you have at this point , who could it have been, who could my kind of girl at that phase of my life be? Sorry my friends you sure have to wait before I reveal my love to you, it is not that I want to keep you waiting or hesitate to reveal, it is just to take you through my dad my mom my bro and sister, we were a small little family and living within our means and enjoying every little gestures of affection from both my parents, I was actually the spoiled brat that but adored by all. I remember the Sundays which was the special day when I hop to my dad's rajdoot bike to buy mutton ,fish the favourites of all of us, the only day in the week that my dad could afford to make non vegetarian food at home but never did we once complain or regret but the wait was always made worthy by the greatest cook on earth my sweet mom, hmm the very thought even now brings the senses alive to the taste of my mother's cooking.
I miss both my parents , I miss the morals that they taught, I miss the affection and love the encouragements and care that they took to mould us to what we are today.friends sometimes we do not realise when they are around taking care of every need of us but when gone , the very thought of their non existence around me pains me and their loving memories urges me on to carry on with life and leave behind a mark when I am gone to tread my path.sorry I had to take you away a little into the warmth of my parents and the protection that I enjoyed in there hands around me ,parents are divine let us always respect them and treat them with love unconditionally for they love us unconditionally too.

Well coming back to the excitement that you are waiting for and that I am going to share , my first love, she was from ethiraj college an english literature student dressed immaculately and attractive. We travelled in the same bus route number 23 I used to get in at the adyar depot and she from abiramapuram near mandeveli. Our journey started here and my concentration improved- not in my studies but in my dressing, I took care that I looked presentable but how was she attracted to me, was it because I was looking presentable or was it that we saw each other almost everyday or was there some deeper reasons, let us find out soon........

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