Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination-7

Well I can understand your anxiousness to know further and how the first love blossomed . It all started as I told you in bus route number 23 adyar to egmore, I noticed the distinct difference in the draping of the saree and the nirma washed whiteness ,starched look, my first impression of her was that she was different ,conscious of herself and knew that many eyes were drawn towards her. It is familiarity of seeing each other everyday and may be my physical appearance which in the course of time got our eyes locked, smiles followed words spelt out , the result attraction of a different kind from that of my friend Sylvia.
Our friendship was the talk of college and it was no secret that we became fond of each other. The time needed to go out on dates created lack of concentration and my attention shifted to my dressing coffee outings and movies in Blu Diamond theatre at Safire complex . I really could not ascertain if that was love or infatuation for I did not know the difference. I realised that I was thinking about our meeting everyday than my studies or examinations to pass. Did I do the right thing was it right was it responsible of me ,i had no clue , the thought of my dad's struggle to educate me never passed my mind , I was careless and would say reckless and a behaviour that was uncalled for a student coming from not so affluent a family. Before I could realise this the divine intervention in the form of my dad who spotted me on a bike with her and the panchayat scene that followed at home on the night of his sighting both of us . It is not the harshness of his words but the pain behind it to see me succeed which were not needed during my college days and would have its space after I get settled in life. I would say it sure was an eye opener though the good byes were difficult it was a well guided decision that I don't regret even today as we parted as friends . To my surprise a couple of years back when I read an article about how successful a person she has turned out to be brought happiness and memories to cherish. I wished her well within my mind from the bottom of my heart.
What has these relationships or events in my life taught me is for you to evaluate and understand , I understood that my responsibilities to my parents should have taken top priority knowing the monetary situations at home , struggles of my dad and the emotional disturbance that i would have caused to my mother.

Schooling at St Patrick's High School PUC at Loyola College to a mathematics degree from New College is sure is nostalgic to think back, my days on the football field ,me winning the Mr Madras University title and not being able to attend the national meet at Patiala due to lack of funds to send me from the university which is not the scenario now as wide opportunities are there for you to grab ,thrown open to all of you, take them and make the best use of it to move forward to achieve your aims and goals....

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