Saturday, 13 August 2016

Unknown Destination - 15

I do not know whether it is my eagerness to narrate earlier than I promised or the telepathy of all of you asking me to continue, here I am starting where I left off on my attempt on a new venture,speculation on buying and selling flats. Before I go any further as to the progress or my achievements or debacles in that endeavour I thought of taking you all back to the college days, yes my days at new college where I completed and graduated my educational pursuit.
Well many have wanted to know about my health routines and how I keep fit to this day. It is no secret , conscious effort and understanding of your own being in this universe, the purpose that you have been placed in this beautiful place called earth, where you exist, it is not without a reason and the reason is to live well and to live well you have to be healthy and that was the reason of me taking care of my existence which depended on good health and that thought was deeply etched in my programmed brain by my dad. I thank him for instilling in me the value of good living and health .
It was this my friends that pushed me to taking care of myself and exercising became a part of my life and habit. It was sports and games in school, foot ball in particular where fitness was tested and during college more concentration on looking good, may be the the changes that were taking place in me and different attractions added urged me to look better than my friends.
It was no easy task I worked out at the Kannan's Gym at the Gandhi nagar club adyar almost 2 hours in the morning and three hours in the evening with I would say primitive equipments compared to the modern and latest equipments of today. Dedication, effort and hard work payed when I was adjudged "Mr Madras University" and there was no looking back from that day to this date as exercise has been my major habit . This I wanted to share with all of you specifically because your visions and ambitions can only be achieved with good health and good health leads to a healthy mind.
Now getting back to the bangalore days and my new business endeavour , well meeting Subash Chandra balan at southern investments was the starting point which gave me the initial taste to investment and economic growth. My prime job in the newspaper continued and this new avenue fetched me enough and more to buy my first car a Fiat which remains as my initial enhancement to prosperity though it was materialistic in nature.
Was that venture sailing smooth or was it rough and if it wasn't sailing well what could have gone wrong? Did something go wrong? Will be back with you all sooner than you expect........

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Unknown Destination - 14

You may all wonder why five months have gone by without me continuing to write the journey of my life. I am not willing to start by saying that time did not permit me and I was involved in various activities which occupied my time, Well the truth is that I did not make time to accommodate time to continue where I left off and I have realized that henceforth there should be no cessation or even a pause to take you to the end of my ,no to the end of the Unknown Destination.
I am eager to share, to kindle your curiosity to know more about how I moved forward in my life after my education and my first job as a newspaper delivery boy. I would say the days in bangalore, working in the early morning cold weather, way back in 1977,the year that I started working are still etched in my memories and can never be erased from my mind. You have to enjoy and love whatever you are doing, goes the saying , well I did that , I was a workaholic and the fire within me to achieve greater heights was pushing me to my limits.From a delivery boy to a reporter and then a marketing person selling space for the newspaper that I was working for gave me a larger scope to interact with people from different walks of life .
This gave me the experience and exposure which I would say chiseled me to be a complete grown up man. Starting my days at I think it was " Rubin House"near commercial street spending my evenings walking the streets of bangalore the then most visited brigades and commercial street was the only pass time and the new found friends more specifically vinny and myself both health conscious exercise freaks were always together and he a hard working chap working at honey well coolers. The days went by my friendship circle grew and the spare time that was available to me I joined my friends prem hariram and surya Prakash nagpal assisting them in selling cycles.
The now famous hero cycles was the cycle that I was selling in my friends shop and when Om Prakash and the owners of hero cycles introduced hero mopeds I was handling sales. Little did I know that the Munjals that I met in the year 1977 would grow in stature in business and hero would become one of the top most motorcycle manufacturers in the country . I would like to make a visit to their factory someday to share the experiences selling their very first product "the hero mopeds"
My experiences and hard work introduced me to the real estate markets and my financial strength helped me to speculate in the first ever flat promotion company the Southern Investment property development. How did I fare in the business and what did I achieve from there on, you definitely have to wait for a couple of days, I assure you this time that I will be back in a week sharing more .................

Unknown Destination - 13

Quiet a while continuing the narrations of my life , I feel I am repeating myself ,yes my pressures of my varied activities has taken away my time to relax and my habits of reading and writing at leisure has eluded me, nevertheless here I am in the new year starting to shelve the pressures aside to take you on my path.
The rags to success story.
New college,my friends, the theatres nearby, fun and frolic came to an end as I neared the final year to complete my degree in mathematics.
THE Journey from the schooling in Delhi to schooling at chennai to loyola college to new college came to an end leaving me clueless about my future.
This is where as always my dad stepped in and guided me into the IAS and IPS coaching classes which I had narrated earlier and the lack of enthusiasm in class and the persuasion of my bro in law landed me in bangalore for my first job. The job wasn't anything connected to the mathematics degree and had nothing to do with my basic qualification of a degree. I did not let my mind to weaken my thoughts of the nature of the job but opened up the challenges ahead of me.
The job was a newspaper delivery boy at bangalore. The job sure was challenging as I had to brave the cold of the then bangalore weather which was colder than what it is today. It sure was hard to start with and when I got the feel of the job I was charged to break the stipulated targets in circulation that was given to me.It was here that I realised that life wasn't easy and nothing comes easy but the fruit of hard work was juicy.
The hardships ,my transformation ,my exposure, my new friends made the days in bangalore the most memorable days of my life.I am sure you are eager to know the path of that part of my life, well even I am eager to share it with all of you...
Sooner than you think...

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination -12

It sure has been quite a while since I continued writing the path of my Unknown Destination.
The past six months have been an eventful, challenging period of my life which will surely be penned in the future as we travel along this narration.
More than the challenges,the unprecedented rains which lashed Chennai shocked one and all and I would say, caught us unaware against the nature’s onslaught. Help from every human being was most gratifying, the togetherness, unity, rising to the occasion in relief work was appreciable and I bow to all the good souls who gave a helping hand. Though the grief continues, Chennai is slowly limping back to normalcy. We can find many reasons to point fingers that would of course need an elaborate debate, hence, I move on to narrate from where I reminded you of my days at Loyola and experiences at Central School, IIT.
The days at New College after Loyola College, my Mathematics Degree, friends, professors, football, strikes and finally responsibility to study, to face challenges saw me through my college life. I cannot forget sitting by the mosque, sharing food at lunch, watching movies in Satyam and Safire the YadgaarLassi shop, Woodlands Drive-in, love life that I spoke about earlier, brings back fond memories. I also registered the challenges, responsibilities and debacles that would be faced if we were irresponsible.
I would like to mention one interesting event which I cherish till date is the responsibility that I had as a person in public life. You may wonder what involvement could have been there in public life during college. Me leading a strike peacefully involved responsibility, hence the narration.
I was one of the leaders of an inter-collegiate strike moving in a procession to the Commissioner’s office. The gathering of students was really large and the Law Enforcement Officers were alert and worried for any small mishaps. It was during the procession that a sudden outburst and disturbance occurred; some students became violent and wanted to pelt stones and damage the State Government buses. My reflexes and responsibility to lead a peaceful rally urged me to remove my shirt and stand on top of the bus and said I quote “May the first stone hit me then the bus” unquote.
Thankfully that spur of the moment reaction of mine brought the situation under control and my friends from college days still remember that incident and mention the leadership quality that started from there on.

The Unknown Destination continues….

Unknown Destination -11

My days in Loyola, I wouldn't say was very eventful though the exposure of freedom and not being watched or reported gave a sense of liberation from school days. The unfortunate exit from Loyola at the very end of closure of admissions sent me on to a panic mode, I went from pillar to post jumping in and out of colleges for admission and finally the New college gave me the asylum that I wanted.I would say admitting me to take up B.Sc Mathematics, a subject many students dread and mine was complicated as my ancillaries were all maths with mathematical statistics astronomy ,the subjects which i had absolutely no knowledge .
It was here when I met my friend Sunderesan who continues to be my friend and is currently the treasurer of my political party and I met as I had already mentioned in my earlier writing that I was attracted to a well dressed and immaculately attractive girl.My initial days in New college, I would say was mostly outside college than inside. I had taken you along that journey of my life. All these and more events still bring back memories.Memories that I cherish in silence.
It was in the second year of college that I got interested in my studies as fear gripped me as to what my life would be once I am out of this institution into a highly competitive world, a world full of challenges, the realization hit me hard and I got my acts together to study hard to receive my mathematics degree, the knowledge of which or the very application of the qualification had no value in my pursuit of my economic development.Once again confusion and pain gripped me and my future looked bleak.

Did I make the right decision, if I did ,did I progress in the right direction , anxious as you are I am ready to write soon........