Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination-10

I missed writing for a long time , Of course for obvious reasons which kept me occupied. My entry into Loyola College, the train journey to Nungambakkam was an experience in itself, the freedom of independence was different from the guidance and care of my parents taking personal care during school days. New friends,new surroundings ,new exposure , the atmosphere totally changed to that of an excitement in the beginning.
My initial days was more on watching movies, sitting at kutty'sbunk , that was a petty shop where all the students used to while away their precious time in front of the college campus, and I was no different from the others in the beginning and later I realized that this wasn't going to help me in the very purpose of me being in the college. The days in Loyola was a learning process ,getting involved in a strike which I remember to this date , the act for which I had to leave the college and join new college for my mathematics degree.

The days in new college is still etched in my memories and would say was both fun and moulded me for the future years to come .....

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