Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination-8

The years that were spent in my school and my colleges were experiences that I wanted to share. The right and the wrong ,The confusion between love and infatuation, the responsibilities and the irresponsibilities, all that I experienced in a span of fifteen years of my life in educational institutions. What did I gain,what did I loose,what went on in my mind about the life ahead,frankly to tell you the truth I had no clue as to what I wanted to become and what was waiting for me outside in the competitive world of which I knew nothing at all.All I knew at that time was I had to become a graduate and I felt that is what my dad wanted me to become and that is when I felt a pain somewhere within me that i was not on the right track to achieve anything though there was nothing in my mind at that time to achieve.I felt miserable,helpless not knowing what to do with myself.Friends I don't want you to even think of you being in that unpredictable situation of mine, no one to blame but myself.
My dad sensing may be my predicament suggested that I appear for IAS or IPS exam and I joined the IAS cochin class near Mowbray's road Iyer'sacdemy, the best class which had hundred percent pass outs and placements. My mind still was not clear as to what I wanted to become and blindly following my dad's suggestions was not getting me anywhere , my friends from college friends moved away, left without friends my classmates in the coaching class became my friends, studious bookworm types who were seriously focused on becoming officers of the highest repute in that coeducational coching class. Once again perplexed with the situation, I just went through the routine of attending classes undecided within myself. My friends Shobha and Deepa were the only friends I remember who entertained my company on coffee outings and were wondering what I was doing there though they never vented out there opinions in our conversations and kept our friendship on a platform of pure admiration and affection for each other. It was at that time that I was offered a job at the Tamil language newspaper Dinakaran and I was trained to become a delivery boy to take care of the circulation of the newspaper which got me interested and I clinched my first job as a newspaper delivery boy and headed to Bangalore on my assignment. Was it easy ?? did I enjoy the work??

 was I prepared to live away from home for the first time??.Wait to hear it.By the way ,my friend Deepa Gopalan went on to become the Indian Ambassador at Doha . She retired recently after her last assignment as the Indian Ambassador at Japan. Missed opportunities would you say wait till I narrate further......

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