Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown destination-3

From a youngster to adulthood, well an interesting stage of my life, I think that would have been an exciting learning segment of growing up. I am sure all of you want to know what was exciting, well like all growing youngster understanding themselves and changes that take place happened to me too. I was studying in central school at the IIT Campus chennai, studying in the 6th standard--studious with the fear of non performance, wrath of my dad was hanging above my head, yet my first distraction or could I say attraction, don't laugh , I know you all would, there was a beautiful blonde a German girl, a girl many of my friends were attracted too, I wanted to get friendly with her ,get to know her talk to her and guess what I finally did, pulled myself to ask her what I wanted to since the time I saw her in school, I told you all not to laugh , I went next to her near the parking lot and she looked at me and gave me a knowing smile as I was known student, a sub junior champ in sports in school, I smiled back and finally asked " can I take a ride in your cycle as wanted to know the difference between my indian Hercules cycle to the German cycle she was riding, curious aren't you to know what she told me , i was anxious and curious too, any guesses to what she said, what Sylvia Bizanz said for that was her name, wait till tomorrow bye for now good night

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