Thursday, 4 August 2016

Unknown Destination - 13

Quiet a while continuing the narrations of my life , I feel I am repeating myself ,yes my pressures of my varied activities has taken away my time to relax and my habits of reading and writing at leisure has eluded me, nevertheless here I am in the new year starting to shelve the pressures aside to take you on my path.
The rags to success story.
New college,my friends, the theatres nearby, fun and frolic came to an end as I neared the final year to complete my degree in mathematics.
THE Journey from the schooling in Delhi to schooling at chennai to loyola college to new college came to an end leaving me clueless about my future.
This is where as always my dad stepped in and guided me into the IAS and IPS coaching classes which I had narrated earlier and the lack of enthusiasm in class and the persuasion of my bro in law landed me in bangalore for my first job. The job wasn't anything connected to the mathematics degree and had nothing to do with my basic qualification of a degree. I did not let my mind to weaken my thoughts of the nature of the job but opened up the challenges ahead of me.
The job was a newspaper delivery boy at bangalore. The job sure was challenging as I had to brave the cold of the then bangalore weather which was colder than what it is today. It sure was hard to start with and when I got the feel of the job I was charged to break the stipulated targets in circulation that was given to me.It was here that I realised that life wasn't easy and nothing comes easy but the fruit of hard work was juicy.
The hardships ,my transformation ,my exposure, my new friends made the days in bangalore the most memorable days of my life.I am sure you are eager to know the path of that part of my life, well even I am eager to share it with all of you...
Sooner than you think...

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