Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Unknown Destination -12

It sure has been quite a while since I continued writing the path of my Unknown Destination.
The past six months have been an eventful, challenging period of my life which will surely be penned in the future as we travel along this narration.
More than the challenges,the unprecedented rains which lashed Chennai shocked one and all and I would say, caught us unaware against the nature’s onslaught. Help from every human being was most gratifying, the togetherness, unity, rising to the occasion in relief work was appreciable and I bow to all the good souls who gave a helping hand. Though the grief continues, Chennai is slowly limping back to normalcy. We can find many reasons to point fingers that would of course need an elaborate debate, hence, I move on to narrate from where I reminded you of my days at Loyola and experiences at Central School, IIT.
The days at New College after Loyola College, my Mathematics Degree, friends, professors, football, strikes and finally responsibility to study, to face challenges saw me through my college life. I cannot forget sitting by the mosque, sharing food at lunch, watching movies in Satyam and Safire the YadgaarLassi shop, Woodlands Drive-in, love life that I spoke about earlier, brings back fond memories. I also registered the challenges, responsibilities and debacles that would be faced if we were irresponsible.
I would like to mention one interesting event which I cherish till date is the responsibility that I had as a person in public life. You may wonder what involvement could have been there in public life during college. Me leading a strike peacefully involved responsibility, hence the narration.
I was one of the leaders of an inter-collegiate strike moving in a procession to the Commissioner’s office. The gathering of students was really large and the Law Enforcement Officers were alert and worried for any small mishaps. It was during the procession that a sudden outburst and disturbance occurred; some students became violent and wanted to pelt stones and damage the State Government buses. My reflexes and responsibility to lead a peaceful rally urged me to remove my shirt and stand on top of the bus and said I quote “May the first stone hit me then the bus” unquote.
Thankfully that spur of the moment reaction of mine brought the situation under control and my friends from college days still remember that incident and mention the leadership quality that started from there on.

The Unknown Destination continues….

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